Shit GTA 5 People Say

Shit GTA 5 People Say- Random NPCs & Legendary Scripts

Two police officers talking:
Officer 1: I’ve been building up my vacation time, i’ve got a lot now. Officer 2: I don’t give a shit.

NPC1: ohhhhueeeyy huuuee you trying to feel my tits..
NPC2: Ahh there’s something so god damn beautiful about a toothless hooker! Am I right?
NPC3: You could bounce a quarter of that ass!
NPC4: Sure yeah fine great uh fantastic, right sure. Sarcasm just great perfect. But not obviously.
NPC5: Gold diggin hoe! That’s why yo mama is.. HELLO?! That bitch hung up on me!
NPC6: Fuck you! Why? I don’t know.. you got a face that I need to say fuck you to.
NPC7: Can you help me feed my 57 cats?
NPC8: You gave me fucking herpes!
NPC9: I need some good jizz recipes..
NPC10: Can I have some money? It’s for crack!

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Shit GTA 5 People Say