GTA 5 Brakes Guinness World Record

When Grand Theft Auto V was being created, there was talk of this game being one that would smash any existing sales records and world records.

Such statements were taken with a pinch of salt by critics and customers alike, but most of those early boasts have come to fruition. News has come out that GTA V will break SEVEN Guinness World Records, thanks to its incredible sales figures over the past month.

Grand Theft Auto V has broken the following Guinness World Records:

1. It is the best selling action-adventure game over a 24 hour period.
2. It is the best selling video game over a 24 hour period.
3. It is the fastest entertainment item to gross over $1 billion.
4. It is the fastest video game to pass the $1 billion grossing mark.
5. No game has grossed higher in 24 hours than GTA V.
6. This is the highest revenue generated by an entertainment item in a 24 hour period.
7. The GTA V trailer is the most viewed ever for an action-adventure game.

Grand Theft Auto is a series that has been pushing the limits of video game technology ever since its first release. The graphics, game engine, and idea behind the game have been revolutionary since the first game was released. However, GTA V has taken the ball and run with it to a previously unimaginable extent. The sheer scope of the game is unprecedented, and that quality has been reciprocated through game sales.
Guinness World Record

  • Jorge M. Alejandro

    wat car is that?

  • Marlon Potaka Haru

    s-type? its like 10mil on the super car website

  • Jorge M. Alejandro