GTA 5 The Infinite 8 Killer

GTA 5 The Infinite 8 Killer– Serial Killer Mystery + 7 Dead Body Locations

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The Infinite 8 killer also known as Merle Abrahams (1947-2004) lived in Sandy Shores near Senora National Park and was obsessed with the number 8. It is believed she is responsible for the 8 disappearances and murders of young male joggers. However only 7 out of 8 dead bodies have been located off the shore of Plateo Bay.

GTA 5 Infinite 8 Killer

Suspected Killer Merle Abrahams Dies in Prison

December 2004
Merle Abrahams the suspected infinity killer passed away last night in Bolingbroke Penitentiary while awaiting trial for abduction and torture. Abrahams, 57 was suspected to be responsible for the Infinity Murders a series of disappearences that happened 5 years ago. Police believed the 8 victims, who were all single young men killed while jogging, were all murdered by the same person and had circumstantial evidence linking Mr Abrahams to the victims, no bodies were ever found he did admit to a weird obsession with the number 8.

Infinite 8 Killer In Real Life- Magdalena Solis

Magdalena Solis, also known as the High Priestess of Blood, was a serial killer and member of a Mexican cult responsible for orchestrating several murders which involved the drinking of the victims’ blood. She was convicted of two of the murders and sentenced to fifty years in prison. Number of victims 8.
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