GTA 5 Online DLC

GTA 5 Online DLC Update- Grand Theft Auto V New DLC and Wishlist


Los Santos Customs DLC where chrome is added to the wheel color options, new mods for vehicles with little to no custom parts available (as of right now), New high performance/handling pickup trucks (2 door short bed), and interior customization for next gen players.

Daniel A.
What I want is the MC motorcycle DLC. About everyone in the MC community want this so c,mon R* 2015 is when we should get this DLC. Don’t just think about what should b added think about what we want cuz u have taken some stuff away from us & u don’t bother to give us a warning.

Chevy J.
A cop dlc which would include all the undercover cars in the game (the undercovwr cruiser, fib buffalo and granger) an undercover version of the main police car in gta online ro be able to be purchased, a starsky and hutch styled car (ford gran torino), a few more iconic cop movie cars, and a cop, fib, and swat uniform and the tazer. Also you can customize the cop cars.

Christian S.
Dlc hustler, a gangster dlc new dope cars to customize, new clothes, new customized house looking like a meth house or something, what happens when you buy a house determines which gang your in, every lobby will have different members from a gang and we will want to like jump each other or something idk lol