GTA 5 LS Car Show Snapmatic

GTA 5 LS Car Show Snapmatic Photo Contest- #LSCarShow

Share and tag your most stunning car or bike shot with #LSCarShow and you might win a Rockstar Prize Pack including GTA V Tees, a GTA 5 sleeping bag, stickers and an iFruit iPhone Case. Contest ends January 31.

It’s time to roll your proudest 2-or-4-wheeled possession out of the garage (in either GTAV or GTA Online), and capture it in all of its glory for fame and prize pack fortune in the #LSCarShow Snapmatic Photo Contest.

Have you been neglecting your friends, family and responsibilities to spend every waking moment and available dollar at LS Customs? Do you drive around Los Santos like a nervous wreck, avoiding any sort of activity that would lay a scratch or dent on your precious, pristine Pegassi Monroe?

Whether your ride is a creatively souped-up stunner or if it’s stock yet super clean, let’s see how photogenic you can make it.

From now through end of day Friday, January 31st, take your most glorious shot of your favorite car or bike and tag it #LSCarShow on Snapmatic. We’ll be looking for artful photography that truly shows off the beauty of the vehicle as well as for inspiring car or bike shots with a great overall vibe, composition and atmosphere. Our five favorite skillfully shot Snapmatics will be featured here on the Newswire and the winning photographers will receive a deluxe Grand Theft Auto V prize pack including the cozy GTAV Body Bag sleeping bag, an official game tee, an iFruit phone case with decals, as well as GTAV collectible stickers.

gta 5 sleeping bag and ifruit case

To enter, Social Club members can upload photos from the in-game iFruit phone to the Snapmatic page at When logged in at the Snapmatic page, you can go to “My Photos” to find your photo and add the hashtag #LSCarShow to automatically have it considered for entry. We’d also like to remind all hopefuls to make sure your contact email information is up to date in your Social Club account settings and also encourage you to link your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to your Social Club profile so that we can easily contact you to send prizes should your picture be chosen.

Contest is void in certain countries and where prohibited. See for official rules and eligibility details.

Source: Rockstar Games Social Club

Grand Theft Auto 5 Car Show Gallery

Blista- As the great Jeremy Clarkson once said, “A Hot Hatch is like a T-Shirt. It can be whatever you want it to be, any color you want it to be. They are made for fun.” I thought about that quote while making the car and decided to give it the RAAF Crew Color with black for the wheels, windows and everything else, and it turned out well!
GTA 5 LS Car Show Snapmatic

Dominator- View from behind to the beach at sunset. I tried getting a lot of good shots in this album, except for the night ones… I wish I could change the time in invite only lobbies.
GTA 5 LS Car Show Snapmatic

Rebel- This is probably the perfect car to take on whatever the GTA equivalent of the fearsome Dakar Rally would be, unless the Dune from San Andreas was in this game. I kinda took the pic here so I would have the perfect desktop wallpaper. I made sure the truck was on the right so I could fit icons and stuff on the left. I’m glad I chose the dirty Rebel over the clean one, as well, since I never lost it. I’ve had it almost as long as my Dominator!
GTA 5 LS Car Show Snapmatic

Futo- Another “Built for Fun” car. (I made all these the day after the money was taken away, so they are all legit. I wasn’t even able to sell the super / sports cars I replaced…. And I didn’t have a second character full of Adders since my second character is a level 67 with another 10 car garage of awesome rides like Franklin’s Buffalo and a Barless Mesa.)
futo gta

I like Purple. I like the Mitsubishi Eclipse. I like this car. This, along with the Blista, Issi, and Futo, is built for fun. Normally this would be yellow and black, but now it is white and purple… even with purple rims!
penumbra gta5

Karin Sultan RS- Everyone should have one in their garage
GTA 5 LS Car Show Snapmatic

karin sultan rs_

Benefactor Dubsta II- The only downside is the spare wheel is permanent. I brought this from SP to MP as well. This variant has de-chromed accents and badges
GTA 5 LS Car Show Snapmatic

benefactor dubsta II_

Lampadati Felon- This isn’t rare but I love the Jaguar look
lampadati felon

GTA 5 LS Car Show Snapmatic

Bravado Buffalo- Who wouldn’t want this online? It was the first one I coped from SP to MP
GTA 5 LS Car Show Snapmatic

bravado buffalo_

Invetero Coquette- This was the first car I bought online with earned cash. I just wanted it back in my garage
GTA 5 LS Car Show Snapmatic

GTA 5 LS Car Show Snapmatic

  • Snapamix

    That paintjob on the Coquette! – it’s awesome !!!
    What color did you use on it ?? 😀
    I want that so badly!

  • CheatsGTA5

    Top secret

  • Mike

    what is the color combo for the sultan?

  • Exotics

    75 colors isnt very “top secret”

  • CheatsGTA5