Fort Zancudo Military Base

Solve Fort Zancudo Easter Egg mystery

Like the Area 69, the Fort Zancudo is a restricted air base. If the player flies over the area, the player will receive a 2-star wanted level and a air traffic controller will warn the player via radio to immediately divert course and leave the airspace. If the player chooses to ignore the warnings and continues flying over the base, the player will gain a 4-star wanted level and a lock-on missiles will shoot the player down, regardless of position, about 10 seconds after the warning is given. Should the player enter the base on the ground, a 3-star wanted level will be received and the base alarm siren will go off. Armed Guards, Rhino Tanks and aerial patrols will shoot on sight.
Military and police vehicles, including those both bought on the in-game internet and stolen from the base itself, will not lift restrictions on the base.

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